Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Dreams Never Expire #Goals

Hello All!
Its been Sooooo long since i have posted anything and I am giving myself a round of applause (clap with my friends lol)  my struggle with procrastination has come to an end! Okay so honesty hour; I am a BIG dreamer, i have great ideas in my head all the time but never get them out. They tend to stay trapped in my beautiful mind. :-( But I have decided that I MUST push myself to do what I love and to tap into my greatness! Here are some tips that I have found to be useful to me even some that seem so simple but you will be surprised how much they can motivate you.

1. Create a vision board- a collage of pictures that depict the things you want out of life. When you see it, it can help you stay the course because your aspirations are right in front of you. If you see it you can't ignore it.

2. Read affirmations daily- there are all kinds of books and my personal fave Instagram pages that are dedicated to this. A couple of accounts that I frequently view are SpritualWord and TheGoodQuote,

3.Pray- I'm a Christian so i do this daily. Whatever faith you are if you believe there is someone greater than yourself put it in the atmosphere. In my faith I believe that God knows your hearts desires so I start by giving thanks for what I already have and if I get nothing more its ALWAYS enough, but i pray for my dreams to become a reality, I pray for motivation, for peace in my mind to never give up and stay the course.  Have a open and honest heart and be prepared to receive whatever blessing that are bestowed upon you.

4. Encourage yourself- no love is greater than self love. Don't be hard on yourself there is only 1 you!

5.MAKE A PLAN- 1 month goal, 3 month goal, 6 month goal and so fourth. Be sure to celebrate your goal marks that you hit, no matter how big or small the victory. You are getting closer to your dream and that is something to be celebrated!
Tell me what motivates you! I want to know how you keep your dreams alive!