Tuesday, February 8, 2011

OMG Mohawk Vixen Keyshia Dior has a YUMMY Lipstick Line!

Video Vixen Keyshia Dior whom I (sigh) LOVE has come out with a lipstick line! Inspired by her combining a couple of shades to create a blue lipstick to match an outfit emerged an entire line of AMAZING shades that only the BOLDEST Fashionista dare bare! Vist www.secretkisseslipstick.com for your HAUTE shade today!

Monday, February 7, 2011


So for those who aren't into sports, the Super Bowl was yesterday. I personally am not into football all that much, for social reasons, YES for the love of the sport, NO. I have however taken notice to how handsome a lot of NFL players are, especially on the Green Bay packers. So jokingly during commercial breaks I would call or text my girlfriends about how we needed to take a little trip to one of neighboring states and mix and mingle a little w/ some cheese heads ;-)
But seriously what really has inspired today's post was the Lil Wayne, yes the " I am NOT a HUMAN" rapper. Not only has this outspoken talented phenomenon openly expressed his fandom for the Packers by creating a Green and Yellow version of Wiz Khalifa's Black and Yellow song. He stated that he would have a party for the Packers if they won the game. When I viewed the photos from his after party I couldn't help but notice the busted women he was dancing with!

Mr. I like Red Bones & lighter... has some nerve to be so bold, and frankly rude about his skin tone preference in women; he sure didn't do a good job of picking them that night! But I respect Lil Wayne, his ignorant comments about darker women made me think. In 2011 why is it that men feel a certain skin color of women is better than another why can't it be about the individual?

Oh believe me it goes both ways though! I have been told a few times that I am so beautiful, that the man loved dark skinned women, and didn't like light skinned they felt they were not attractive. Honestly that offends me too, why? Because regardless of a woman's skin color they are all my sisters and we are all beautiful in our own way. NO ONES skin color is WHAT makes them attractive! I think it can enhance a person's beauty but it doesn't make you YOU. I have NO PROBLEM with people having a preference I tend to lean a certain way on certain things about men but I would NEVER say a guy is unattractive or not even give him a second look because of his color.. COME ON PEOPLE I am going to need you to DO better.. Ignorance is WHACK!

Friday, February 4, 2011

I'm so over this Blizzard coma that everyone has been forced into in Chicago! I'm happy to say that most roads are clear and the sun is shining, but for many relationships its still a whirling blizzard! I have been getting phone calls from all of my girlfriends about how their mates are really acting well lets keep it 100 like A*holes! Well this got me thinking.. Do women have too high of expectations of men? I personally require attention, be it texts through out the day to see how I'm doing or just a phone call saying the guy misses me and wants to see me! My one girlfriend who will remain nameless.. doesn't think that seeing her boyfriend at least 4 times a week is sufficient. I honestly laughed at her because I couldn't believe with the amount of distance between them they were able to still see each other that often and still talk everyday! I don't judge her for her demands nor do I envy her for pretty involved mate. I think women should take a step back and really look at their situation and just think am I fortunate to be in this relationship, am I asking for too much or is he not giving enough? I think woman know their man's limits and coming from A LOT of previous dating experience I have learned you MUST be upfront from the beginning and what you accept in the beginning of the relationship or what you choose to "tolerate" is what you are going to get the entire duration of that relationship! Currently I am single and trying to take it for what it is so in light of being in the house I have been indulging in episodes of Sex and the City and watching an oldie but goodie The First Wives Club, the movie for those who have been done in by their dreadful ex's laugh and learn some revenge tips that I'm sure we all wish we could put in place.. well sometimes ;-)