Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Red Bombshell

So I died my natural hair and I am super pleased with the results. It took 2 days to achieve this color! I wanted to share with you all the method I used because every time I looked up red hair dye on natural hair,rhianna red, or K Michelle red;I would only see the end result. No one out there is sharing how they achieved this color or what brand of product they used. Now if you know me, you know I'm always down to share and give tips. So the 1st day I mixed Clairol Jazzing semi permanent dye in Cherry Cola with 20 volume booster, and I got a orange/ blonde shade. It kind of reminded me of free from 106& Park but still not what I wanted. So I put some Cantu leave in conditioner in my hair did bantu knots and figure I will work with it for a day and try again tomorrow. Last night I went to Sally's Beauty Supply and purchased Ion Red 305076 and a 10 volume developer, after 20 minutes with a shower cap on I got the color I wanted. My real inspiration came from @gochasalon on Instagram. Didn't quite get her red but I am more brown than her and I think I did what best fits my skin tone.

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