Monday, January 5, 2015

I just want to SPARKLE and SHINE wherever I go and at whatever I do

Happy New Year! It's 2015 and like everyone else I bet you have a resolution that you want to fulfill. Well I don't have a resolution this year I am looking and going about 2015 totally different. On January 1st I made a few Pinky Promises to myself; to be fearless, no more procrastinating and DO WHATEVER MAKES ME HAPPY. I went into the year as a single woman and I am actually excited about rediscovering me, taking some risks, laughing at myself and enjoying the wonderful woman I have become over the past 29 years. So in the spirit of change and all things good check out these positive quotes and affirmations I have come across the past few days! What's your Pinky Promise for 2015?

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